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The cleaning of residential and commercial windows as well as solar panels is what we excel at. We use purified water to clean glass in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We ensure the best possible results with no harsh chemicals or detergents, utilizing a responsible and eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Our services are affordable and we use the latest technology to deliver results that add value to your home or business.

Magic Windows keep windows clean in and around Johannesburg, South Africa.

Please Note: We are only equipped to clean windows for buildings up to a maximum of three storeys/floors.

For all you window cleaning needs.

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Residential window cleaning

Residential window cleaning

Your home is your sanctuary and clean windows will ensure that you enjoy your home so much more! With our system it does not need to cost an arm and a leg to have spotless windows.

Commercial window cleaning

Commercial window cleaning

Cleanliness of commercial- and showroom windows, will create the right impression with your clients and employees alike. We clean commercial windows for buildings up to a maximum of three storeys / floors.

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is required for optimum performance of solar panels. Solar panels can lose as much as 25% if it's electricity generating capacity when not kept clean.

Window Cleaning Supplies

Window Cleaning Supplies and Systems

We sell complete pure water window cleaning systems and related accessories at the best prices!


We are proud to announce that we have been appointed as the Gauteng agent for VuPlex® cleaning products.

VuPlex® is a product specifically designed to clean, protect and maintain plastic surfaces that are used in many modern high gloss finishes. VuPlex® was designed for use within the demanding Aviation industry for the maintenance of expensive aircraft windows and delivers a fast, safe and effective solution to plastic maintenance. Most normal cleaning products can damage plastic reducing its lifespan considerably.